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The payment system is an indispensable element of any business in general, and of commerce - in particular. Fast development of Internet required usage of payment systems as a mean of Internet-payments. Nowadays, in developed countries, there are many companies, which provide services on connection of Internet-shops to VISA and MasterCard payment systems.

The Teletrans Company provides such services in Moldova as well, ensuring comfort, reliability and confidentiality of the Internet-payments of your shops. In case you are interested in this information, you could come to our office.

Online payments

  • Saves time and reduces administration

    A payment gateway saves time with the fact that credit cards are processed in real-time and funds are deposited directly into a merchant account. A payment gateway removes the need for manual card processing or third party account consolidation.

  • A merchant account from a bank.

    A merchant account is a special kind of bank account that can be linked directly to a payment gateway. These bank accounts are issued only upon review of a website to ensure it meets privacy and security requirements.Requirements often include an SSL certificate and a privacy policy.

  • Find customers worldwide

    By incorporating a payment gateway into your e-commerce website you can ensure you are providing the easiest and most streamlined buying experience for your customers. The easier it is to buy from your online store the more likely visitors are to purchase.


The Teletrans Company provides services in the field of e-business to the residents and non-residents of the Republic of Moldova.

Clients of the Company are legal persons, wishing to open an Internet business.

The main direction of the Company's activity is granting the Client's Internet-shop the opportunity of acceptance of payments via international cards VISA and MasterCard.

The activity of the Teletrans Company is certified according to the safety standards of the payment systems VISA and MasterCard, which guarantees to credit cardholders safety and confidentiality.

The continuous improvement in services allows offering to our Company's Clients propitious solutions in the field of e-business.

For Teletrans Company, the interests of the Clients are always on the first place.


What does Teletrans offer?

  • Fast connecting Fast and easy connection of the Client's site to the Teletrans system for acceptance of payments via international cards VISA and MasterCard.

  • User-friendly interface User-friendly interface to work
    with the Teletrans

  • Technical support Comprehensive technical support at all stages
    of work with the Teletrans

  • Professional consulting services Providing of professional consulting services
    in the field of e-commerce and
    electronic payments.

Prohibited products and services:

Teletrans aims to provide a safe environment for both buyers and sellers.
As such, we do not permit the sale of certain goods and services that are listed below:

  1. Illegal Sales
  2. Any product or service that infringes on intellectual property rights, or is shown on any web site that infringes on intellectual property rights
  3. Term Papers, Dissertations, and Academic Writing Services
  4. Hazardous Materials, Combustibles, Corrosives
  5. Firearms, Ammunition, High Capacity Magazines, Tasers, Stun Guns, Air Guns, Paint Guns, Weapons, Swords and Knives
  6. Tobacco products (including e-cigarettes)
  7. Prescription Drugs or Devices, Controlled Substances, Unapproved Drugs, Unapproved Medical Devices
  8. Products (and related services) requiring special license to sell or export (cars, real estate, etc.)
  1. Spyware, Spamware, E-Mail Advertising, Opt-In or Any Commercial Messaging Services
  2. Sites That Promote Hatred, Racism or Religious Persecution
  3. Human Body Parts, Fluids, and Remains
  4. Pornography and Adult Content
  5. Animals related online shops
  6. Child and any related non-legal pornographic material
  7. Counterfeit products or illegal copies of famous trademarks
  8. Debt restructuring service providers
  9. Unlicensed lottery
  10. Ticket brokers
  11. Goods and services that have a negative impact on payment card organisations and their trademarks and harming reputation of the payment card organisations
  1. Any goods or services, prohibited by legal acts or rules and guidelines of payment card organisations
  2. Medicinal Marihuana
  3. Cannabis seeds
  4. Bitcoin
  5. Telemarketing companies
  6. Pyramid or multi-level marketing distribution (pyramid schemes)
  7. Collection agencies or firms involved in recovering/collecting past due receivable
  8. Sports forecasting or odds making
  9. Check cashing
  10. Currency exchanges
  11. Gambling, including Internet Gambling
  12. Anonymity services
  13. Escort services

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